About us

We are the biggest retailer of Philips Lumea IPLs in the world. Our products are sourced from verified Philips Lumea distributors all over the world. We work with a vast network of distributors to make sure you always get the best price.
We have have sold over 100,000 IPL devices to our customers all over the world.


From our base in Dubai, our mission is to provide Philips Lumea IPLs at the lowest cost to our customers so that all men and women have the opportunity to experience hair free silky smooth skin. Our work does not stop after the sale, as we also provide personalized 1 on 1 free consultations with all our customers regarding usage of the device and top tips on getting rid of your body hair for good. So if you are shopping for an IPL device, then you are in good hands with BeautySook.